Wire Stripping Machine


  • The wire / cables stripping machine is the most popular one in India and foreign market.
  • It has the most functions and more stable performance.
  • Applies to most types of electric wires and cable, copper clad aluminium wires, steel wires.


  • Brand Name – SML
  • Model Number – SML-918-KOB
  • Application – Wire / Cable Stripping
  • Wire Stripping Range – Diameter 1 mm to 42 mm
  • Power – 2 KW
  • Motor Capacity – 3 HP
  • Voltage – 220 / 380 V
  • Weight – 110 Kgs
  • Output – 600 – 1500 Kgs / Day
  • Measurement – 700 x 610 x 840 mm
  • Warranty – 1 Year for motor and 6 months for other parts



  • The machine is equipped with 21 cables into the cable hole, which is 13 holes round wire, other four holes can peel double core flat wire, pressure line holes (single wire can be directly press out).
  • 5 frame knife into the wire hole, it can peel double core flat wire.
  • 2 wheels behind 2 moving handle to move machine from one place to another place
  • Front and side safety guard to cover rotating parts


  • It’s a portable multi-drive wire stripping machine.
  • The special design can protect the operator safety.
  • The greatest feature is the machine can be drove both by motor and hand.
  • Operator can choose the working way as they like.
  • Applicable to the different needs of customers.
  • a combination of a variety of aperture makes the wire stripping machine is applicable for all the cables in the market.
  • It is simple and practical, light weight and easy for carrying.
  • User friendly operating machine.
  • No need of qualified technician to operate the machine and anyone can operate.
  • The spring-loaded mechanism on the top allows you to adjust the tension of the cutters depending on what size of wire or cable to be strip.
  • One machine can strip different sizes of wire / cables with min. 1 mm to max. 42 mm.
  • Stable performance
  • Convenient to operate
  • Low cost and high efficiency